VoIP Business Solutions
VoIP Phone Solution Provider

VoIP Phone Solution Provider
  • Online Customer Billing Panel
  • Customised Dialer on your Brand
  • Customised Web Panel for Creating and Managing user accounts

CallBack VoIP Solutions
  • ANI,SMS and Web Call Back
  • Generate and Manage PINS
  • Easily integrated with VoIP enabled communication
  • Online Billing portal

Calling Card Solution Provider
  • Escalate your Revenue with Prepaid Calling Cards
  • Online Billing Portal
  • Personalised Access Numbers.

VoIP PBX Solution
  • Customised IVR System
  • DID Management
  • Personalised Voice Mail

Managed Network VoIP Solution
  • 24x7x365 Proficient and highly experienced Technical Support
  • Customised Ticket Management System
  • Detailed daily reports
  • Instant and Easy accessibility

Cheapest Solution VoIP
  • Customised Web Panel
  • Marketing and Acknowledgment SMS's
  • Accountability of usage through Customised Reporting System

VoIP Solutions

VoIP industry is fast augmenting and hence it assures a definite hike in the revenue generation to any organisation that steps into this field. VoizPlus furnishes its clients with numerous hosted VoIP solutions that serve as a ready to use platform, enabling you to start your VoIP call termination service easily and without making a large investment.

VoIP Solutions To Cherish!

  • Our PC to phone solution enables you to provide your customers with the cheapest way to make international and long distance calls. An attractive and customised dialer on your brand will make your customers smile with satisfaction every time they call their loved ones through our PC to phone solution.
  • Callback Services - Join hands with us to offer one of the most contemporary mode of communication. Easily manage and generate PINS while keeping a tab on your business through our online billing portal. ANI, Web Call Back and SMS call back services can prove to be a pot of gold for your organisation!
  • Calling Card Platform - Join the calling card revolution by leveraging on our calling card launching base and get the benefit of easy and hassle free activation, add multifarious value added services and much more!
  • IP PBX Solution - Make inter office and intra office calls at running cost thereby increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of your organisation. In addition to this you can also control per employee usage through our customised reports. This and more at unmatched prices!
  • SMS Delivery Solutions - We bring to you a feature rich SMS delivery solution that is bound to make you stand a level above your competitors. The easiest and the most effective way of sending marketing and acknowledgment messages is provided by this platform.
  • Managed NOC Services - Let our experienced, technically skilled and highly motivated technical personnel take care of your clients, 24x7x365!
Join us on the road to success with our extensive range of hosted VoIP Solutions!