VoIP Phone Service
VoIP Services

  • More than 200 Points of Presence.
  • Complete Range for Switch Partitioning Options.
  • Lowest Turnaround Time

VoIP Services
  • Brand & Manage your Business.
  • Realtime Online Billing & complete access to reports.
  • Get volume-based Discounts without commitments.

  • Reserved capacities for Contact Centers.
  • Multiple geographic & non-geographic numbers for Global Operations.
  • Deploy dramatic Up-Scaling of Operations in a matter of hours.

  • Hosted Centrex Solution
  • Value Added Features - Voice Mail, Call Forwarding etc.
  • Run Virtual Offices with DID Numbers.

  • Boost your Business without setting up infrastructure.
  • Scalability up to 500E1's on a single partition.
  • Least Cost & Dynamic routing.

  • Maximise Revenues from your existing Client-Base.
  • Offer your End Users a Feature-Rich Broadband Telephony Service.
  • Achieve Immediate Up-Scaling of Business Volumes & Enhanced Customer Delight.

VoIP Service

VoizPlus is a premium provider of VoIP services and solutions. From high-end carrier services for PTTs and mobile operators, to reseller services and contact center operations, we have an expertise in diverse areas. Our corporate business services are comprehensive enough to manage the communication needs of large organizations quite efficiently. With managed partitioning services and specialized solutions for ISPs, we guarantee technical assistance to specific client groups as well. Several resellers and ISPs have gained significantly from our expertise in this domain. All the VoIP services that are available with us come with the best customer support. This ensures that our customers keep coming back to us for more.

Innovative VoIP Service on Offer!

  • VoIP Carrier services: Our customers and clients can benefit from the collaborative agreements with over 40 global network providers. We are a carrier's carrier driving economic growth through a range of value-added services conforming to the highest quality standards. We offer A-Z call termination at industry leading costs.
  • Reseller services: Business users wanting to enter the lucrative domain of VoIP, but not having technical expertise for the same, can depend on our reselling services. The investment requirements are minimal. With options for brand building and round-the-clock technical support, our reseller services are among the best in the industry.
  • Contact center solutions: The customer relationship management services are just right to enhance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of call centers and contact centers.
  • Corporate business solutions: Businesses, having a global presence, can manage their activities more efficiently using these solutions from our kitty. The hosted VoIP solutions are just perfect to connect the different corporate offices into a cohesive whole. With seamless VoIP call termination and the freedom to work from virtual offices, the corporate business solutions are proving their worth in more ways than one.
  • Managed partitioning services: These on-demand technical solutions come with dedicated switches, using which our customers can offer VoIP enabled services to end-users. We help our customers to create their own brand identities and develop fulfilling relationships with clients.
  • Solution for ISPs: ISPs can make the most of our customized solutions to sell voice services to end-users. With equipment specifications, technical support and round-the-clock monitoring, these solutions are proving to be quite valuable in different contexts.
Make the most of our sophisticated VoIP services to realize your full potential.