ISP Solution Provider

VoIP Call Termination

Association with VoizPlus Limited helps Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell one more service to their end customers - Voice. Selling voice over IP (VoIP) is an attractive value-addition to their traditional offering, viz., providing pure bandwidth through broadband or DSL. Ability to sell voice services is an opportunity for ISPs to maximize revenues from their existing client-base.

VoizPlus Limited offers customized solutions to ISPs so they can inwardly offer their end users a feature-rich broadband telephony service. ISPs only need to keep managing the connectivity to end users. VoizPlus manages equipment specifications, configuration, up-gradation and monitoring of VoIP services. VoizPlus is a catalyst for ISPs to achieve quick growth without having to invest in additional manpower, infrastructure, maintenance, or research. VoizPlus ensures immediate up-scaling of business volumes and enhanced customer delight, minus the capital expenditure and resource overheads. We assist ISPs run this additional arm of revenue generation completely under their brand, helping retain customer relationships and top-of-mind recall value for an additional branded service.