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Located on the south-western shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee truly is a pleasant place; with so much beauty that you really do need to spare at least a week to discover all that is on offer here. It is the perfect destination for a driving holiday as there are just so many surrounding cities and attractions that it would be a shame to miss them.

Situated at the confluence of the Menomonee,Cheap NFL Jerseys the Kinnickkinni and the Milwaukee Rivers, the city of Milwaukee is mostly known for its lakeside and ethnic festivals, along with the huge breweries that in the past, put Milwaukee on the map.

1. The Breweries

As previously mentions, one of the calling cards of the Milwaukee region is the fact that there are so many breweries within the area. Milwaukee was once home to four of the world's largest breweries and was the number one beer-producing region in the world for many years. Two of these key breweries still remain today: Miller Brewing Company and Pabsat Brewing Company. While in town you can take a tour of each of these and learn the process of making beer, how it is distributed and of course how good it tastes. While visiting the city of Milwaukee, you really will be spoilt for choice when it comes to things to do and places to see.Wholesale NFL Jerseys To make the whole process a little bit easier for you, here are some ideas to get your mind into motion:

These tours will show you the many reasons why Milwaukee was and continues to remain known as the 'beer town'.

2. The Museums

When it comes to museums of a wide variety, Milwaukee certainly isn't lacking. The most culturally prominent of these would have to be the Milwaukee Art Museum, which hosts a wide array of exhibitions of local, national and international artwork. The Milwaukee Public Museum is the area's primary natural history and human history museum and will take you on a journey back through time of Milwaukee's days gone by.

For a different museum experience, Milwaukee also has something unique to offer! Discovery World is the perfect destination for the kids as it is thee leading, hands on children's science museum in the area. This is the perfect way for the kids to experience an educational day out, while still having fun at the same time.

For those not so young out there, don't stress, the Harley Davidson Museum may be just up your alley. This institution plays tribute to the Harley Davidson motorcycles of the past and present. This is the only museum of its type in the world, so while you are in town you really shouldn't miss out!

3. The Parks

Milwaukee is known for its well-developed park system and is home to a grand abundance of parks and gardens that are scattered throughout the city. The most prominent of these parks would have to include Lake Park, River Park and West Park, which each offer something unique and different from all the others. In total, there are over 140 parks in the county of Milwaukee, so be sure to check out at least a few of them while in the area!

4. The Festivals

The annual lakefront fair, 'Summerfest" is also featured on most of the local's calendars, as it is the largest music.Milwaukee often advertises itself as the "city of Festivals" and they certainly are not wrong! The most famous of these festivals would no doubt be the Wisconsin State Fair, drawing in hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. festival in the world.

Featuring some of the biggest names in music, along with much of the local talent, this event attracts 1 million visitors each year, making it the city's drawing card in more ways then one!

5. Cave of the Mounds

A guided tour of the cave will lead you past an unforgettable array of crystal formations, which essentially make this the most beautiful cave in Wisconsin.If you want to experience one of the best day trips in the mid-west, than look no further than the Cave of the Mounds!Wholesale NFL Jerseys This amazing attraction is located just a short drive out of the city, making your rental car come in really handy.

This truly is the jewel box of America's major caves, so you really shouldn't miss out, especially as you are so close to it!

Milwaukee is not only the largest city of Wisconsin; Christine Barton.it is also without a doubt, the most exciting! There is so much to see and do here that you may just have to extend your car rental to ensure that you fit it all in!

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